Meet Silke,

The founder of SilbaBodyAndSkinCare, who believes in natural, non-toxic and effective Body- and Skincare!

After Silke and her husband moved from Germany to California she noticed how different the dry climate and the every days shining sun can be on the skin. As she loves the sun and spending time out in the nature is one of her favorite things to do, she became passionate about creating products with natural, moisturizing and nourishing ingredients in order to keep her skin healthy. Keeping all that in mind Silke went back to school and became an International Certified Aromatherapist. She experimented and tested different ingredients for different products, put all her knowledge into it and finally SilbaBodyAndSkinCare was born! All of SilbaBodyAndSkinCare's products are handcraftet in small batches and made from high quality ingredients. Each of the formula is unique and created by her, tested on herself or real people. SilbaBodyAndSkinCare never ever test on animals! 

She always says:
"We create our products with love and joy and to give your skin the best for its health, radiance and wellness.

Pampering the body and soul is as much as important than keeping your skin healthy. That’s why you will find on each of our product a quote that shall give you a smile in the morning or reminds you of something throughout the day. 

Our goal is to create natural, organic, hydrating and nourishing products for a healthy and glowing skin as well as products for pampering the body and soul."

Thank you for your interest in SilbaBodyAndSkinCare's products! We hope you enjoy them just as much as Silke enjoys creating and using them!
Wishing you an aromatic day!