My Personal Routine

Here is my personal routine that I want to share with all of you!

My Face Routine:

First I wash my face with our Aloe Green Tea Face Wash Lavender/Tea Tree
What I love about this face wash is that it is a light lathering milk, smells wonderful and I feel clean and fresh after using it.

Second I use the Deep Clarifying Frankincense / Lavender Toner

It works very well with my Combination / Oily Skin. I never could go without a toner. A toner is the answer to a much clearer and more radiant, glowing complexion. A toner has the ability to remove all the remaining impurities, refine large pores and help prime your skin to absorb oils, serums and moisturizers more efficiently, so that you get tons more out of your skincare.

Next comes our Rose Hibiscus Mist. This is my latest step and it made a whole lot of a difference. I spray a couple of pumps into my face and wait 2-3 seconds before I massage it in together with 1 pump Vanilla Infused Facial Jojoba Oil.

Since we launched our new skincare line 3/27 I am obsessed with the 3/27 PASSION Facial Oil. It's a facial oil only made with fruits like Passionfruit, Plum, Pineapple, Elderberry and it has amazing anti aging properties. I love the orange color that comes from CoEnzyme Q 10. Rich in Omegas fatty acids 6+9 as well as Vitamin A, C and E this facial oil is very special. 

For exfoliation I use Citrus Splash Face Scrub twice a week. I love this scrub because the granulated sugar, called castor sugar, is superfine and isn't harsh to my skin. My skin feels very soft and smooth, rejuvenated after I used it. And I love the citrus smell.

In order to keep my decollete hydrated and free of wrinkles, I use the Balancing Rose Toner twice a day!It hydrates the sensitive and delicate skin in this area and feeds it with all the anti-aging nutrients from this toner. 

My Body Routine:

For hydrating my Body I use either the Body Butter Souffle or the Body Oil Neroli.
Both of them hydrate my skin perfectly with different nutrients. So I switch between them.

Exfoliating my Body
I am pretty lucky with how many times I have to exfoliate my body. 2x a month is enough for me. That’s probably because our Body Scrub is very hydrating and smoothing for the skin.

You can get a trial sample of each of my routines by clicking on the pictures below!

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