**The image is a random selection of some of our soaps**

Surprise yourself or surprise somebody else with 3 new soaps every month or every second month or every third month and save 10%. 

Treat yourself to something new without having to remember to order!

    • Our beautiful subscription box comes with 3 random selected soaps for you to enjoy and delivered right to your door! 

      The March, June, September and December box will include our seasonal soaps.

      Please make sure to set up an account, so you can easily manage your subscription. 

      When you purchase this listing, you will immediately be billed and shipped your first subscription box including a small sample. Your next box will automatically be billed on the 1st of each delivery month and shipped beginning of each delivery month.  Enjoy a lovely surprise of good smelling natural soaps packaged in a nice looking box!

    • Store your soap in a well drained soap dish.
      Shelf Life: 6 months of purchase. 
      Store unused soap in a dark, dry place at room temperature. Avoid excessive heat, light, moisture. 
      Tip: use a cotton washcloth or loofah to extend its shelf life